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Rain Gauges:

Typ MR3

The Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute realized the field comparison of different types of  rain gauges in 1998 and 1999 years (European manufacturers only). The MR3 type was marked as the best. The report from comparison was published on ICEAWS 1999 (2nd International Conference on Experiences with Automatic Weather Station) in Vienna.    

Typ MR3H-F

The Meteorological and Hydrological Service in Croatia realized the field comparison of different types of rain gauges in the 2004 year (European manufacturers and manufacturer from USA). The MR3H-F type was marked as the best. Results were presented within associated conference of the METEOREX exhibition in the 2005 year in the Bucharest.

Typ MR3H-F (MR3H-FC)

This rain gauge type was tested over most two years by ZAMG (Zentralanstalt fur  Meteorologie und Geodynamik - Austria) in Alps extreme conditions within field comparison of the different rain gauge types from different manufacturers. The testing was ended in 2006 year and MR3H-FC rain gauge type was chosen as standard equipment for measuring of a precipitation in ZAMG's automatic measuring networks. For this purpose of the extreme condition the additional outflows heating was developed. The results were presented on the ICEAWS 2006 in the Lisbon. 


From 2011 year this rain gauge type with AH-01 unit is delivered to Turkish State Meteorological Service.

 Typ MRW500

The WMO organized the laboratory intercomparison of rain gauges (manufacturers from all over the word) in 2004 - 2005 years. Both rain gauges types (MR3H-FC and MRW500) were a success, the MRW500 weighing rain gauge fulfil all criteria as only one in its category. Results are published on web page:


This rain gauge won in tender of rain gauges with weighing principle organized by Czech Hydrometeorology Institute in 2009 year. Hence this rain gauge is delivered to CHMI's professional measuring network.

Other Selected Products ( Supplies) - by Customer

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute

  • Network of climatic automatic stations
  • Network of automatic rain gauges - MR3H-FC type with data memory and with GPRS data transmission.
  • SD5 digital sunshine detector - the sensor is used in all CHMI´s measuring networks, in SD6 newest version is today successfully tested by ZAMG.

Czech Academy of Sciences - Institute of Atmospheric Physics,  Institute of Hydrodynamics

  • Large automatic measuring systems in other locations in Czech Republic - measuring of many meteorological elements from temperatures, sun and wind parameters .... to visibility and elevation of cloudiness etc.

State Phytosanitary Administration

  • Network of automatic meteorological stations

Nuclear Research Institute

  • Multi-point automatic wind measuring system





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